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Natural Wood Art

Unique creations by Carlo Mark

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Sailing Yacht Project

From a few pieces of scrap wood glued together to a Bluenose sailing yacht model. 


The process took about 3 weeks and was all done with hand tools and freehand carving and planing.


Then the main sail, fore sails and rigging were made from actual pictures of a real Bluenose sailing yacht.




Most of my work is created with tree stumps and branches that have fallen down in the forest or been previously cut by someone and left to dry out. I never harm / cut a living tree. Below is a large tree trunk of which I cut the base flat then hollowed out the soft rotting interior. I did have to use a Grinder with wood cutting attachment to make the inside more accessible and it also brought out the beauty of the wood. The top was also cut flat and consisted of two arms. Another option with this piece is to put a round or oval shaped piece of tempered glass  on top to make a stunning unique corner stand with glass top. I now run wood carving workshops in Thailand and full details can be found on the workshop page.


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I have studied and learned various styles of wood carving in Thailand and there are also a few online courses available for traditional wood carving courses like Master Carver Chris Pye wood carving workshops and Mary Mays school of traditional wood carving. YouTube has many wood carving videos and a lot can be learned from those however, there is nothing that can beat a live wood carving workshop where you get to spend some quality time with a real teacher and can learn all about Wood carving courses in Thailand. Japanese wood carving is a really nice art form and I have learned a lot from expert teachers like Yo Takimoto    Watch the video below



Although I learned traditional wood carving in the UK, I am currently learning more about Japanese wood carving  and Thai style wood carving here in Thailand.... The style of wood art I find most satisfying is taking a piece of wood or a branch / tree stump and looking at the shape to determine a natural art form from within the wood.


When asked WHY people like to do wood carving? The answer usually is that it is so personally satisfying, it brings out your creative spirit and for me it's like a form of meditation... Some people like to go running, I like to grab a branch or piece of wood and start carving. It may just be a tree spirit on a stick or my latest project is an Indonesian TIKI carving from the trunk of a Palm tree that had to be cut down...


Below are two pieces of Mango tree wood....  What can you see within the wood?

Can you see an animal, whale, fish or fox. I see another dragon in the picture below right.

Here is a 4 foot long dragon I created last week out of  another mango tree branch. Check out the horns, eyes and the spiky tail. I have attached it to another mango tree by our water feature in the garden.

This is another work in progress as I like building

yachts and boats