Thailand Wood Carving

Unique wood carving creations

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Wood Art Decor


Dragons and Animals

Natural wood - Driftwood - Forest wood

All the natural wood art carvings are made from natural forest wood that has previously been

cut or fallen down and driftwood comes from rivers or the ocean. Trees are living things and I

never harm living trees. Natural wood is the most amazing material to create  all kinds of

beautiful wood art, model yachts, carved animals, modern art, Thai and

Japanese zen  style carvings.  


I love working with wood and since my retirement have been creating various yachts and art pieces.


I now live in Thailand and have learned some Japanese and Thai style carving techniques. The shop page on this website, still has some wood art creations  that I made whilst living in the UK and are still available. The other items I have created in Thailand and cannot be shipped to the UK unless they are fairly small items so please enquire before purchase as  I can ship within Thailand or worldwide at cost.

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